Annalisa Sonzogni

DOLMEN explores brutalist architecture as an archaeological site through still and moving images of Moscow's Chertanovo housing estate (1972–1983). The circular building of this well-known architectural experiment built in 1972 by Soviet architect Eugene Stamo and engineer Aleksandr Markelov and the square one are portrayed as modern-day ‘dolmen’ – megalithic monuments drawing endlessly curious visitors who marvel at the passing of modernity. A soundscape composed of layered voices, echoes and reverberations further enable an encounter with this archaeological site of modernity.

Unlike their Neolithic counterparts, these ‘dolmen’ are still in use. Those who experience the site become engaged in synoptic surveillance, whereby the many look upon the few and behaviour is monitored – an aspect mirrored in the architecture itself, which was constructed in such a way that neighbours can easily survey one another across the interior green spaces.

The work is installed as a triptych, a format traditionally used in Christian altarpieces to communicate a narrative, yet ‘DOLMEN’s symbolic message is experience itself.

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